Position Title: Consultant for Leader Care & Development

    • Non-exempt, short-term, grant-funded, contract position; approximately 10 hours per week

Position Goals:

    • Develop and launch a sustainable model that will provide care and development to the pastors and leaders of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley
    • Document the model


    • Seek, gather, analyze, and document relevant information, including but not limited to
          • Understanding the current needs of PGV leaders
          • Determining what is truly needed and meaningful for the health, vitality, and on-going development of our leaders
          • Understanding our current reality, resources, and context
          • Understanding the original vision for Neighborhood groups and determine the feasibility of utilizing this model as a primary organizing vehicle for Leader Care and Development
    • Engage in a process of research and discernment with the staff, committee leadership, the BPT, COR, Visioning Working Group, Relationships Working Group, COM, and pastoral leaders to gather input, ideas, and assess needs
    • Develop a proposed model for Leader Care and Development which is relational and self-sustaining within our current context
    • Collaborate with PGV leadership to guide and implement the launch of the model; this will include activities such as recruiting and training volunteers
    • Develop a mechanism and/or process for effective leadership that will assure that Leader Care and Development is sustainable
    • Document all elements of the model for reference and guidance
    • Establish evaluative processes that encourage long-term success of the model of Leader Care and Development
    • In September 2023, provide a report to the Synod of the Northeast on the progress of this position and potentially apply for additional Synod funding in 2024


    • Pastoral wisdom, creative problem-solving mindset, listening skills, and sensitive interpersonal communication skills to gather the necessary information, analyze and interpret findings, and develop the concept
    • Ability to move the concept from vision (ideas) to reality (documented model); the successful candidate will have the skills and capacity to synthesize gathered data and input into a realistic working model
    • Familiarity with the Presbytery of Genesee Valley and its pastors is a desirable attribute


    • The Development Consultant will submit regular progress reports to the Big Picture Team
    • The Development Consultant will report to and work collaboratively with the Transitional Leader

Terms: Contract position; approximately 10 hours per week for 12 months. (Synod funding may be sought for extension past 12 months, if necessary) Hourly rate: $35. Paid twice monthly based on hours worked as submitted to Office Administrator via Google Timesheet.


Application Deadline: Friday, February 17, 2023

Send resume and cover letter to: Janet Flynn [email protected]

Questions may be directed to: Janet Flynn [email protected] or Karen Pryor [email protected]



Downloadable position description