Church closures are often talked about in hushed voices filled with fear or guilt, and yet all organizations have a life cycle. Many of our churches were established to meet the needs within a particular context and have done that work well. This workshop explores when closure is a faithful choice and how to focus on the legacy a congregation shares as it ceases ministry in a particular location.



Rev. Eyde Mabanglo is a pastor in the PCUSA: “I feel called to love and lead congregations, often those going through transitions related to staff/clergy changes or other significant challenges. I’d like to share about my experiences in transitional ministry (seven churches in nine years) and the insights and best practices that I’ve honed along the way, including walking beside church leaders who may be considering dissolving their congregations. I consider this challenging space and sacred space, and I consider these leaders faithfully courageous. I’m also an ICF certified Coach.”