Develop your core competency in finding just what you need on the PGV website. Discover the best pathway to access the information that makes your work easier, as well as the benefits of utilizing the website for your congregational needs. 


Become familiar with the shared Google drives now being used by the Presbytery and how to best navigate this new platform. Explore the basics of creating, accessing, and contributing to the documents used in the work and life of the Presbytery. The knowledge gleaned in this introductory workshop are applicable to personal use of Google drives as well.


This workshop is for church leaders and administrators, committee and working group members, anyone interested in learning the basics about these tools.


PRESENTER Lisa Bennett, Communications Coordinator for the Presbytery of Genesee Valley

Lisa assists in implementing the Presbytery’s vision and programs by facilitating relationships and connections through administrative support and communication management. With a background in communication, brand development, strategic management, and church relations in Christian higher education, she serves in this half-time position as the point of contact for the Presbytery website, newsletter and publications, social media, and email accounts. In her support role she maintains the database, facilitates meetings and events, and provides communication consultation across the Presbytery. Lisa started serving at the Presbytery in February 2020.