Are you wondering how your church building can be more environmentally friendly? Or how you can find more energy savings? With these priorities in mind, are there strategies that can also reduce costs? What do these goals and priorities mean for a large church building as well as a church property with an additional meeting space on the campus and a city church vs a small town church?


Come hear about and learn from a few of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley’s very own Property Guys! Practical strategies, some how-to’s, Q&A, and real-life examples of being environmentally aware and saving energy costs is what they will share with us in this workshop. For example: stained glass window energy studies, transitioning to LED bulbs, insulation options, programmable thermostats and timers for lighting/heating/cooling, and more! You should be able to walk away having some questions answered, and having learned something new which may hopefully be meaningful to your role, and impactful for your church. Join Elders Brian, Don, and David for the Property Guys workshop to learn more energy saving strategies and to take advantage of opportunities to ask them for advice about other projects, repairs, or maintenance you are facing at your church. Most of this workshop will be open-format conversations around strategies, best practices, shared experiences and Q&A.



Elder Brian Shaffer

Brian is a 27-year employee at St John Fisher as the Lead HVAC/R Tech (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration). His responsibilities include preventative maintenance, building management, project management, new construction, renovation projects, and creating 5-10 year capital plans regarding building mechanical upgrades, as well as mechanical repairs on commercial boilers and cooling systems. Brain has been involved with the Presbyterian church since 1987, joining the Caledonia First Presbyterian Church in 1993, when he moved with his family to Caledonia. Since that time Brian’s has been the Property Committee Chairperson or a Property Committee member.


Elder Don Fairman 

Don started attending the Brick Presbyterian Church (which later merged with Central Church and Downtown United Presbyterian Church) in 1971, after returning from a sixteen-month tour in Vietnam. Don has served on session numerous times, as well as chaired several different committees, including Stewardship, Congregation Life, Safety Team and the Property Team. Initially Don began with audio support which included live radio broadcast and now provides A/V support for Live Streaming. His role on the Property Team and Audio/Live Stream has involved hundreds of hours of hands-on support. Don earned his Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State, and his BS from RIT (eight years while working full time at Kodak).  He retired from Kodak after 34+ years as a Quality/Test Engineer in the digital side. Don also served as the volunteer Chief Operating Officer for Water for South Sudan for 8+ years.  Again, involving hundreds of hours of hands-on support.


Elder David McDowell

David joined Central Church (one of the predecessors of DUPC) in about 1961 and has been a member of Session both at Central Presbyterian Church and the Downtown United Presbyterian Church often since the late 1960s. Don holds a BSc in Engineering Physics and worked at Kodak (mostly in the Kodak Research Labs) for 42 years.  Post Kodak retirement Don was involved in US and International Standards in Printing and Publishing for 16 years. He has been a member of the DUPC Property Committee since before 2016 and the Session Liaison to the Property Committee for much of that time. His role in the property Committee has been both hands-on support of various projects and in applying my technical background to help evaluate projects, proposals, and technical issues.