The First Presbyterian Church of Livonia is seeking to hire a part time stated supply pastor (33%) for a term of one year, renewable annually. We are searching for an individual who will provide us with spiritual guidance, leadership, teaching and ideas to assist us in reaching out to those in need.

Our Church

The church is located at 3837 Center Street, Livonia, NY.   It was formed in 1806 and is known as the “friendly church on the Hill.” Worship is every Sunday at 9:30 am in person and streaming via Facebook Live. Current membership is 30 with average weekly attendance 20. The congregation is small but vibrant. We are active in mission work within the community. Website:  Facebook: @LivoniaNYPresbyterianChurch


  • Preaching, Worship, Sacraments – Primary responsibilities for the pastor will be to prepare and lead weekly worship. Pastor should be able to communicate a clear and consistent message throughout. Pastor may be requested to officiate at special services, baptisms, weddings and memorial services. Pastor will provide weekly online devotions for the congregation.
  • Pastoral Care – With the understanding this is a part time position, it is the hope the pastor will be able to make hospital and home visits upon request. This will be in coordination with Session which is our unicameral Board.
  • Administration, Communications – It is important the pastor is a good communicator and facilitator who can work well with the staff, church leaders and volunteers. Pastor will make an effort to understand the congregation and how to work with them to accomplish mutual goals. Pastor will moderate all Session and congregational meetings and work with the Clerk of Session in preparing for these meetings. Pastor will participate in the work of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley.

Compensation and Evaluation

Pastor will file monthly reports with Session on ministry activities and accomplishments. In addition to a review every three months by Session, Session will conduct a performance evaluation two months  before the end of the term and recommend a compensation package if the term is extended or renewed. Session will have final authority with regards to pastoral relationship.

Salary:  $16,242 annually, including housing allowance


Contact Information

Cindy Jackson, Clerk of Session:  [email protected], 585-245-4958, 7482  Big Tree Road  Livonia NY 14487

Kathy Coons, Committee on Ministry Liaison: [email protected], 585-455-9027


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