2021 Grants Awarded

awarded by Healthier Congregations Team: Grants Working Group


Collaborative Ministry Grants

These grants are intended to support any two-or-more groups that are partnering for ministry. More than a basic connection between organizations, these grants are intended to support true partnerships between those working together on a common ministry for God. The connections can be between Churches, Neighborhoods, a congregation and one or more community agencies, or any other relationship God has brought together, so long as they are in mutual, partnered engagement with the ministry and each other. God works through community, especially in challenging times.

Collaborative Online Worship
Harvest Neighborhood
Amount Awarded: $3000

Ever since March 22, 2020, the Presbyterian churches in Albion, Lyndonville, Medina, Barre Center, and the Baptist church in Albion have been collaborating on creating online worship services for their communities of faith. The short-term need to worship remotely during the pandemic turned into an incredible opportunity to reach people far beyond their communities with the Gospel. The grant funds will be used to help pay for the production and musical costs associated with creating digital content.

Los Samaritanos
Byron/Batavia Coalition of Churches
Amount Awarded: $3000


Started back in 2019, this collaborative effort by Batavia Presbyterian Church, Byron Presbyterian Church, and local Catholic and United Church of Christ congregations assists individuals being released from the Buffalo Federal Detention Center in Batavia. The coalition provides these individuals (many of whom don’t speak English) with food, clothing, and shelter as well as help navigating the public transportation system. The grant funds will go towards the cost of motel accommodations, meals, bus tickets, and “dignity bag” supplies.

Building Relationships
Gates Presbyterian Church and the YWCA
Amount Awarded: $500


Gates Presbyterian Church has partnered with the YWCA to serve the local community. The grant funds will go toward a yearly carnival for YWCA families and a bi-monthly story and craft-time to bring church and YWCA families together to build relationships.

Arts and Enrichment
Third Presbyterian Church and Wilson Commencement Park
Amount Awarded: $3000


The Art and Enrichment Program is a collaboration between Third Presbyterian Church and Wilson Commencement Park that offers educational and cultural extracurricular activities to children from low-income, single-parent families. The grant funds will be used to cover the cost of 10 bus trips to educational or cultural sites in Rochester.

Let’s Talk About It
Teen Empowerment and DUPC
Amount Awarded: $3000

Teen Empowerment is working to educate young people about the history of racism against the residents and business owners of Clarissa Street in Rochester and empower young people to repair the future. The grant funds will be used to help pay for a public exhibition, create curriculum to go along with the film Clarissa Uprooted, and support community conversations, some of which will be hosted by Downtown United Presbyterian Church.

Tiny Home Village
REACH Advocacy, Inc. and Penfield Presbyterian Church
Amount Awarded: $3000


REACH is creating a solution to homelessness in Rochester by building nine permanent tiny homes on foundations to provide stable, safe, affordable housing. Penfield Presbyterian will support the new residents of these tiny homes through fundraising and donations as well as mentoring. The grant will help to cover the cost of this nearly $1,000,000 project.

New Life Grants

These grants are focused on congregations that are trying to live into something that is very new to them or seeks to engage their church with a place, people, or ministry that they have never engaged before. God meets new needs with new ways of living through us, and we want to support this. 

South Presbyterian Church
Amount Awarded: $750

During the height of the pandemic, South discovered a need to create DVDs of their worship services to send to its members. A greater need in this ministry has emerged to serve its families with loved ones who have mobility limitations as well as to reach out into nursing homes and care facilities that do not have spiritual life staff or resources. The grant funds will be used to pay for equipment and supplies.

Reaching Out
First Presbyterian Church of Livonia
Amount Awarded: $1000


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the church discovered that they were reaching a diverse population outside their congregation through their digital ministry. The grant funds will be used to upgrade their equipment and purchase social media advertising in order to broaden and deepen their new-found ministry to their community.

WPC Technology Is Best When It Brings People Together
Webster Presbyterian Church
Amount Awarded: $500


The church discovered the need to move its ministry online during the pandemic. Online ministry is not only a continued need, it is creating new opportunities for ministry within the church. The grant funds will go toward digital service costs and stipends for volunteers and speakers.

Community Corn Festival
Perry Brick Presbyterian Church
Amount Awarded: $1000


In an effort to serve the community of Perry, the church will be hosting a free Corn Festival with music, games, activities, and corn-themed food on August 28, 2021. The grant funds will be used to help cover the cost of advertising and supplies.

Peacemaking Grants

The Presbyterian Church of South Sudan
Amount Awarded: $500

Peacemaking grants go toward initiatives creating restorative justice and addressing oppression. These grant funds will be used to support the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, which is building churches and training leaders for the Murle people living as refugees in Uganda.