Alianza Agricola local grant report 2018

Finalized Alianza Annual Report 2018


2019 Grants Awarded to Congregations:

North Bergen Presbyterian Church, “North Bergen Community Food Pantry”
Partnering with Foodlink and with support from the congregation and the community, the church will be opening the only food pantry in North Bergen to benefit people who live in and around the area. Amount Granted: $1,500

Corfu United Presbyterian Church,“Primary School Expansion for the Pembroke Central Schools Bagged Meal Program”
The church will expand their existing weekend food ministry to 14 students in their local primary school, making a total of 80 at-risk students they feed every weekend throughout the school year. Amount Granted: $1,500

First Presbyterian Church of Honeoye Falls, “Worship Space Enhancement”
The church will install two projectors and screens in its sanctuary to be more inclusive to those who are visually impaired and to enhance worship, weddings, funerals, meetings, and use of space by community organizations.  Amount Granted: $1,000

Parkminster Presbyterian Church, “Advance Initiative”
The church will acquire needed audio-visual upgrades in order to assist their efforts toward church growth, especially in the area of making their ministry more relevant to a younger demographic. Amount Granted: $1,500

Third Presbyterian Church, “Math Matters at School 35”
They will upgrade supplies, provide new workbooks, and compensate staff to help support their math tutoring service to students at School 35 in the Upper Monroe Neighborhood.  Amount Granted: $1,500

2019 Grants to Community Agencies:

Coffee Connection, “Building a staff team to create a sustainable program”
They will strengthen their program-focused, outcomes-based training model for women in recovery by adding a team-oriented module to the model being developed this past year. The project in the coming year will focus on building a staff team able to create a sustainable program and business for the Coffee Connection. Amount Granted: $3,000

REACH Advocacy, Inc., “REACH Advocacy Tiny Home Village”
They will purchase materials to help them build a tiny home village on an undeveloped Rochester site that will offer permanent supportive housing to housing vulnerable persons, encouraging them to engage in communal life, enhance the quality of their lives, interact with service providers, and assist them in becoming contributing citizens of our city while in some cases working towards home ownership. Amount Granted: $3,000

The Center for Teen Empowerment, “Youth History Ambassadors Project for the Clarissa Street Reunion”
They will be creating a youth leadership team that connects youth more meaningfully and powerfully to the Clarissa Street Reunion (CSR), an intergenerational treasure of community building and history, which takes place at the west edge of Corn Hill in the former Third Ward. Amount Granted: $3,000

Alianza-Agricola, “Alianza-Agricola”
They will be able to provide reimbursement to their members and to their volunteer drivers, in order to continue their work of being an immigrant farmworker-led group involved in leading the Green Light New York driver’s license campaign. Amount Granted: $2,000

Family Promise of Ontario County, Inc., “Bridges of Hope”
Their project is an interfaith program to assist homeless families in Ontario County to achieve sustainable independence by supporting them with tailored services including shelter, food, personalized case management, and a diverse network of caring volunteers. The First Presbyterian Church of Victor is one of their host sites for housing families. Amount Granted: $1,500

Rural and Migrant Ministry, Inc., “Rural University of the People”
As part of their Liturgia Rural Worker Education Center, they will launch a rural and migrant community of teachers and learners using a popular education model, in order to educate, encourage, support, empower, and affirm the people that they serve. Amount Granted: $2,000

Dansville Presbyterian Church, Perkinsville United Church of Christ, and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, “Parkside Spiritual Development Center”
They will open an ecumenically-organized spiritual education site (using items from the former Resource Center of the Presbytery) open to the community. Amount Granted: $3,000