2015 Congregational Grant Descriptions

The Congregational Development Committee has awarded several congregational grants as listed below:

First Presbyterian Church of Albion

Awarded a grant of $895 for to address the struggles of teenage drug abuse and criminal activity often stemming from gang related activity.  The congregation will host, at local parks, a series of dinner events targeted at this high risk group. Many of these teens are hungry and in survival mode. This will give teens a good meal, a place to feel safe and a place that provides positive relationships they may not have at home so that they don’t turn elsewhere for validation i.e. gangs.

Perinton Presbyterian Church

Awarded a grant of $900 to provide a monthly fellowship space for young adults (20s and 30s) in the PPC community. The church will provide a catered dinner and childcare for families to alleviate the stress of finding babysitters. This will be a fun, non-threatening space for young adults to invite their friends, thus serving as a means of outreach to others in the community as well as building a greater sense of community among the existing young adults in the worshipping community. This is a new way of reaching out to young people who might not feel comfortable showing up to worship and connecting them with the life of the congregation.

Ogden Presbyterian Church

Awarded a $1000 grant for “Puppets at the Pavilion” The project is a community outreach effort which will provide a series of Puppet Shows to children and young families in the Spencerport, NY area and surrounding townships. The shows will increase awareness of OPC as a community resource and strong Christian organization. They will also provide a unique programming opportunity that will extend and grow the traditional OPC youth oriented Christian curriculum as well as generate a bridge between the current OPC congregation and younger families with children in the Spencerport area.

John Calvin Presbyterian Church

Awarded a $1200 grant to raise the awareness in the JCPC community regarding the ecological peril befalling our planet. A series of dinner lectures given by experts will present the current ecological state of our planet and how these conditions affect our air, water, food and health. Participants will learn how to make a difference at a personal level to reverse these effects. The series will culminate in a concert of “Missa Gaia” the Earth Mass which is a musical score dedicated to the Earth’s nature and wildlife by John Winter.

Urban Presbyterians Together

Awarded a $1200 grant for a workshop led by professionals which will provide a basic understanding of mental illness and skill development for Greeters/Ushers in dealing with those who “stop by” when the doors are open, for Deacons/Session in ministering to both mental health consumers and their families, and for Youth Leaders in reaching out beyond church walls to the larger community. As urban churches, UPT face these kinds of situations on a regular basis because of the high density of homeless and other at-risk populations.

South Presbyterian Church

Awarded a $1200 grant for “Mapping Our Future Parts I and II” Part I of the project will to address the need for strategic planning. The Session, Deacons and other congregational leaders will be led through six hours of prayer, discussion and discernment through large- and small-group work by an outside facilitator. Part II supports the Visiting Training Program which includes in-depth review of the duties of a Deacon, tips for carrying out this ministry and role-playing visits with parishioners. This year the program has been expanded by request of the residents of St. John’s Meadows who are now part of the SPC worshiping community to provide them with the basics of visitation.

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