Healthier Congregations Team

Healthier Congregations Team (A team is a group of people linked in a common purpose of equipping, empowering and supporting congregations and neighborhoods.)

Healthier Congregations Vision Statement

We equip and empower congregations and neighborhoods to support one another for the risky work of discerning how to share God’s love more fully in our community, build healthier relationships, explore new ways of being church together, and live as a sign of hope for the world.

Healthier Congregations Team

Working Groups & Coordinating Council

Working Group (Working Groups are especially appropriate for conducting their identified responsibilities, objectives and goals.)

  1. Grants Working Group
  2. Relationships Working Group
  3. Communications/Connections Working Group
  4. Tools & Training Events Working Group
  5. Resource Center Working GroupLink to Healthier Congregations Team: Working groups proposal

Coordinating Council (provides oversight and support to working groups; equips Working Groups for their ministries; provides communication between Working Groups and The Big Picture Team.)

Healthier Congregations Team:  Working Groups Proposal

You are invited to learn more and to participate in a Working Group

Below is a link to register for a Healthier Congregations Team event on May 11thRegistrations are due by May 4th.  You can also find information related to this event at this link

If you have any questions please contact Susan Orr Presbyter for Healthier Congregations/Stated Clerk [email protected] or via telephone at 585-242-0099.