Stated Clerk’s Page

Acting Stated Clerk
The Rev. Bronwen Boswell
[email protected]

The Stated Clerk is responsible for maintaining the minutes and the rolls of the presbytery and for official correspondence.

The stated clerk defends and interprets the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

He/she takes minutes for the Council and the Committee on Ministry, and consults with them on polity issues.

From:  Presbytery Council
To:      Clerks of Session
Date:   October 24, 2016

The November Annual Reading of Session Minutes is POSTPONED until March, 2017.

As you may have heard, Stated Clerk Val Fowler completed his term on September 3O.  An Acting Clerk will begin service in November, and Council does not want to rush the minutes reading process. The Acting Clerk will work with you on the Annual Statistical Report.

So as not to double up in one year, Council also approved the scheduling of the next Reading of Minutes after that for the Fall of 2018 (not 2017). According to the Book of Order it is only necessary to conduct a review of minutes every two years, so we are still well within those guidelines.

Thank you for understanding the need to adjust our schedule.  The Annual Reading of Session Minutes is an important part of our connectional polity, and we do not take this action lightly, but we would prefer to have the best possible experience for our Clerks of Session in March.


Brandi Wooten, Chair of Council
James Renfrew, Presbytery Moderator

Handbook for Clerks of Session

2016 Clerks of Session Handbook- PRINT COPY

Electronic Meetings

January 2012

Over the past few years questions have been regularly raised about the wisdom, propriety, and mechanics of “electronic meetings”.

The prevalence of e-mail, Skype, video-conferencing, telephone conferencing, Facebook, Twitter and other media have made the issue of electronic meetings an important one.

This resource offers some parameters for planning for and conducting electronic meetings. It is in three parts:

  1. The complete section of Robert’s Rules of Order, for electronic meetings.
  2. An “Advisory Opinion” from the Office of the General Assembly.
  3. Some reflections from your stated clerk on the issue of such meetings.

Navigating the New Form of Government — A Resource for Sessions and Congregations

November 2011

A new Form of Government was approved by a majority of the Presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and took effect on July 10, 2011.

The document is more streamlined than its predecessor, allowing for more flexibility to sessions, congregations, and presbyteries in deciding how they will be ordered and structured to accomplish the mission to which God calls them.

This resource is built around the things that sessions and congregations need to do sooner and the things they will need to do later (or at a more relaxed pace). That word “relaxed” is important. The best “first thing” to do is to relax.

The Office of the General Assembly has said that the provisions of the previous Form of Government remain in force until a session or congregation changes them, or clarifies them in light of the new Form of Government’s flexibility. Still, it would be unwise to put off some decisions.

The resource is structured in the following way:

  • A statement of the decision that needs to be made.
  • The relevant reference and quotation from the new Form of Government.
  • Questions that will help guide the decision to be made. It is fully permissible to go with the requirements of the previous Form of Government, but that decision must be stated and recorded in the minutes of the session or the congregation.
  • Read more on Navigating the New Form of Government