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Attached are the various resources we’ve collected on sanctuary city/county/municipality organizing, as promised. I’ve also attached notes from Doug Noble on sanctuary work in Onondaga County that he followed up on (pasted below my email signature).

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KaeLyn and other committee members,

I offered last week to find out about the status of the sanctuary movement in Syracuse and Onondaga County. Here’s what I’ve found so far, from the Syracuse Peace Council:

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Minor is fully supportive, already calling Syracuse a sanctuary city,  and the police chief is honoring an informal agreement  not to cooperate with ICE requests. Efforts are being made to adopt the NY Attorney General’s guidelines and even go beyond these by, for example, eliminating language about felons.

The ultimate goal is to broaden existing sanctuary efforts to include green light legislation (permitting drivers licenses), rapid response protections, and other forms of protections for undocumented immigrants. A recent sanctuary training workshop held in Syracuse attracted over 100 participants and focused on rapid response, sanctuary legislation, and ”know your rights.”

Mayor Minor has suggested that attempts to move Onondaga County to adopt sanctuary measures will not be successful and that it makes more sense to focus on the state level. But while local activists have the support of Senators Gillibrand and Schumer, state legislators Upstate are pretty much uniformly opposed to the state’s sanctuary bill (“Liberty Act”), which has mostly downstate support. So local state legislators might prove to be no more promising than County officials in supporting sanctuary measures. Efforts to address local town and village officials have not yet gotten off the ground.

Members of the Syracuse  Worker Center and Sanctuary Committee might have additional information, but they were in Albany for the Green Light action today.

Doug Noble


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